Pointe Of No Return: Giving You All I Got

Pointe Of No Return: Giving You All I Got

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Dancers dance and hustlers hustle... Love doesn't have any control over who it captures.

Demi Westbrook loved Papa to the point of no return. She loved him for who she knew he would become one day. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Demi enjoyed life to the fullest, not really knowing what the "hard knock life" felt like, but meeting him changed that.

Papa, one of the founding fathers of The Underworld, and the youngest on the team is a hothead and loud mouth. If it's not Papa's way then it's the highway. He's spoiled and bratty at times, but to Demi, he's everything. Going against her parents' wishes to see him, Demi allows Papa to invade her thoughts, her mind, and most importantly in this urban fairytale, her heart.

Demi was more than a dancer, the Greats proclaimed it before she left her mother's womb. Being the daughter of Dorane Little wasn't easy. Dorane pushed Demi to be better than she was when she danced back in the day. Surpassing her mother wasn't an easy job. Demi didn't operate in excuses; she worked harder than every other dancer she knew because her eye had always been on the prize. According to her parents, Papa was a distraction but to Demi he was her motivation.

In The Pointe of No Return, witness love and tragedy collide. Readers have been invited to the dance theatre to observe Demi Westbrook transform from a teenager with a dream to a grown woman with a title, Prima Ballerina. Papa and Demi ignore the warning signs of her being too young and naïve, and him being too cocky and dangerous. Once they decided that they are living for each other and not the naysayers, the couple love each other immensely to the Pointe of No Return.