IF We Ruled The World

IF We Ruled The World

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This is a re-release with a new ending! This book now includes IF WE RULED THE WORLD 1 & 2 

When you have your eye on the prize, any little thing will try to come and knock you off your square. Mayor Antwon Young, former hot boy in the city of Atlanta, Georgia has his eyes on a bigger prize… becoming the President of the United States. Antwon has never let his past define his future or his goals, yet he will never forget where he has come from. Ella, a soft-spoken college student by day and exotic dancer by night captures Antwon’s attention, and he doesn’t know how to handle it.

Antwon has always done things by the book, careful not to ruin his perfect image in the eyes of financial supporters who will one day fund his dreams of living in the White House.

Ella comes in and allows his mind and heart to travel places it has never been before.

Will Antwon let the pole distract him from politics? Or will he walk away from the only real thing he has ever known just to chase his dreams?